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A Basic Guide to Egg Donation

Last updated 5 years ago

For some individuals and couples who can’t have children, third-party reproduction is the best chance at having a baby. For women undergoing unsuccessful infertility treatment using their own eggs, the answer often lies in egg donation. This procedure allows a woman to have a fertilized egg transferred to her, which she is then carries to birth. Read on to learn more about the basics of egg donation and how it can help you achieve your dream of starting a family.

  • Women donate eggs in order to allow other women undergoing infertility treatment to have children of their own. Many couples choose egg donation as an alternative to adoption as it allows them to use their own male sperm to create the baby. The resulting embryos from this process are transferred to the woman, allowing her to carry the baby and give birth to it.


  • Egg donors undergo two to three months of treatment before eggs are retrieved. First, the donor is carefully screened following guidelines set by the fertility clinic and FDA. After passing the careful screening, the donor is given injections of medication that cause her body to produce multiple eggs at once. Overstimulation is very effective for donors, but it can also be dangerous if not carefully and professionally monitored at a fertility clinic. Donors must follow strict schedules and guidelines in order for the process to be effective.
  • The retrieval of eggs from a donor is an outpatient procedure that uses a transvaginal device guided by ultrasound. The donor is carefully monitored by staff and doctors at the fertility clinic and is put under mild anesthesia during the procedure. After the eggs have been retrieved, they are fertilized in the lab and ultimately the embryos are transferred into the new mother’s uterus. There, fertility clinic doctors hope it implants and begins to grow.

If you’re interested in being an egg donor or receiving an egg donation, talk to a Fertility Centers of Illinois fertility specialist today. At Fertility Centers of Illinois, we offer highly sophisticated reproduction technology and procedures in order to help families grow successfully. Call us today at (877) 499-8730 for more information.


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