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Who Should Consider Vitrification?

Last updated 5 years ago

Do you hope to have a baby someday but you're waiting for the right time? There are many different reasons why women choose to postpone having a child. But for some women, however, the right time for a child may not match their biological clock. Luckily, advances in technology at Fertility Centers of Illinois now allow you more fertility options.

What Is Vitrification?

This process uses simple technology to rapidly freeze an egg in a vitrification medium, which prevents ice crystals from forming on the cell. The egg is then stored in liquid nitrogen and can be thawed at any time. Fertlity specialists around the world have found great success using this procedure to help couples choose the best time to start their family.

Why Do Women Choose Vitrification?

There are several reasons that you may decide to undergo this procedure. Due to your career, love life, or family planning decisions, the time to have a child may occur later in life. But after a woman’s mid-30s, it’s much more difficult and dangerous to conceive a child naturally. If you’d like to wait, you may choose to freeze an egg in case natural pregnancy isn’t an option. Another reason many women choose vitrification is due to cancer diagnosis, as many cancer treatment plans can cause infertility. Women who learn they must undergo chemotherapy or radiation therapy often choose vitrification at a fertility center in order to have the opportunity for children after treatment is over.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Vitrification?

Healthy women with normal hormone levels under the age of 40 are the best candidates for vitrification. This process is not for everyone due to its cost and dedication. Women interested in the procedure must spend time at their fertility clinic learning about the advantages and risks involved in the procedure.

If you want to have children but aren’t ready for parenthood yet, you should talk to your fertility treatment doctor about vitrification. At Fertility Centers of Illinois, we offer state-of-the-art procedures by leading fertility treatment doctors in a personal, caring environment. Call (877) 499-8730 to learn more about our centers in Chicago and suburbs today.


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