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What You Need to Know About Multiple Pregnancies Associated with Fertility Treatment

Last updated 5 years ago

The goal of fertility treatment is to give you the healthy baby you have always wanted. Sometimes, however, there are increased risks involved in fertility treatment that don’t occur in the natural world. Certain fertility treatment methods come with an added risk of multiple pregnancies, which can cause health problems for you and your babies. It’s important to stay aware of these risks and understand how doctors at Fertility Centers of Illinois are working to prevent them.

Fertility Treatments that Cause Multiple Pregnancies: Ovulation induction and superovulation therapy have the highest risk of multiple pregnancies. Since these fertility treatments are highly effective, doctors have developed several ways to reduce the risk of multiple pregnancies. These methods include lowering doses of medications, careful monitoring through ultrasounds and hormone testing, and cancelling cycles where the risk is too high.

Risks Associated with Multiple Pregnancies: Most families hope for one healthy and happy baby. While having multiple babies may be great for some, it increases several health risks for both the mother and children. Premature births can lead to several complications including cerebral palsy and low birth weight in the baby. For mothers, prematurity can cause anemia, Cesarean births, and other disorders.

Doctor Recommendations to Prevent Multiple Pregnancies: New developments at fertility clinics offer improved methods of fertilization that have very low risk of multiple pregnancies. The best available is in vitro fertilization (IVF), which is highly successful for many patients. In this process, a single high quality embryo can be transferred into the mother, minimizing the risk of even a twin pregnancy.

If you’re interested in fertility treatment but would like to avoid the complications of multiple pregnancies, talk to your Fertility Centers of Illinois specialist about options. At Fertility Centers of Illinois, we use the latest technology and techniques to ensure the health and wellbeing of our patients. Get the personal, dedicated fertility treatment you deserve by calling (877) 499-8730 today.


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