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    Making Your First Appointment with a Fertility Specialist

    Last updated 5 years ago

    When couples are struggling with infertility, it is common to feel isolated and out of control. For many of these men and women, finding an experienced, knowledgeable fertility specialist can be the first step in restoring emotional and physical stability.

    This video is a brief introduction to making your first appointment with a fertility specialist at Fertility Centers of Illinois. You can also see one couple’s experience during their first appointment at FCI.

    If you and your partner are looking for answers and treatment to help with your infertility, let the experts at Fertility Centers of Illinois help you. Our staff of dedicated, experienced experts strives to provide only the highest quality of patient-centered care.  Call today at (877) 499-8730 to schedule your primary consultation.

    Who Should Consider Egg Freezing?

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Egg freezing, or cryopreservation, is an advanced technique that allows women to preserve their fertility through a rapid freezing process. Unlike older freezing methods, which tend to damage eggs and embryos by allowing the formation of ice crystals, newer vitrification processes are more likely to provide healthy eggs upon thawing. There are many reasons that a woman or couple may want to preserve eggs, a few of which are described below.

    • Women who are not yet ready for children
      Some women who wish to focus on their careers or have other interests do not wish to start a family until later in life. Unfortunately, as a woman ages, the quality of her eggs continue to decrease. For this reason, many women will choose to preserve their eggs early in life and use them when they are ready.
    • Women undergoing IVF treatments
      As a part of the in vitro fertilization (IVF) process, the woman’s ovaries are stimulated to preserve many eggs. These eggs are retrieved and used for fertilization using the partner’s sperm. A woman may wish to preserve some unused eggs or embryos for use in later cycles through cryopreservation.
    • Women undergoing cancer treatment
      Before undergoing cancer treatment, many women opt to preserve some of their eggs. Some cancer treatments, including chemotherapy and radiation therapy, have the ability to cause genetic changes in eggs and may even affect fertility in the long-term. If you have recently been diagnosed with cancer and want to conceive in the future, consider preserving your fertility through egg cryopreservation.

    Depending on your lifestyle and situation, you may have your own reasons for wanting to preserve your fertility through cryopreservation. You can learn more about the process and how it may benefit you by contacting the fertility specialists of Fertility Centers of Illinois today at (877) 499-8730. With the help of the most advanced medical technology, our compassionate team is dedicated to helping you meet your fertility goals.

    Special Thanks to All of Our Sponsors and Supporters - Cade Foundation Illinois Race for the Family and Savannah's Playground!

    Last updated 5 years ago

    We want to send out sincere thanks to all of our sponsors mentioned in the photo above. We could not have done this without you!!!

    There were several awards given out to wonderful supporters and the award recipients are as follows:
    1) Top Fundraiser- Dana Provus with $5065 in fundraising! Dana received a FREE CRUISE and a trophy!
    2) Second Place Individual Fundraiser was Amy Newman of Team Hope Faith and Love with winnings of $1883! This team will win a trophy and a $100 American Express Gift Card.
    3) Top FCI Fundraising Team- Red Hot River Rats with $2481 in fundraising!
    A special note of appreciation goes out to the leaders- Mikki Carping and Nicole McCollough. TEAMWORK!!!- This team will receive a lunchtime party with food provided by the Tinina Q Cade Foundation/ Race for the Family!
    4) Yuri Wagner! Yuri will receive a Amazon Kindle Fire to celebrate her hard work in support of the Cade Foundation and families OVERCOMING infertility!
    5) The winner of the volunteer raffle for the $100 American Express Gift Card is Shannon Schroeder!

    And for everyone who was not aware- the winner of the most important raffle associated with the event- One Free IVF Cycle- provided by the Fertility Centers of Illinois- is Marijke Morich!

    Thanks to Everyone Who Participated in the Cade Foundation Illinois Race for the Family and Savannah's Playground

    Last updated 5 years ago

    This is a special note to thank everyone who contributed to the huge success of the first Cade Foundation Illinois Race for the Family and Savannah's Playground! Thank you to all of the volunteers who labored tirelessly to ensure that everything started on time, flowed well, and that everyone enjoyed themselves while Fundraising and Fundraising. You all are real champions and we celebrate you each with high praise! It is a blessing to affiliate with a group of wonderful people who understand the struggle that so many families with infertility face bravely on a daily basis. It is a pleasure and honor to serve alongside such people who are committed to helping those families. What we did on June 23, 2012 was more than conduct a race. We shared hope and excitement and encouragement. You will never know how much your work and sacrifice have changed the outcomes of the attendees and supporters who were unable to attend. 

    Special thanks are offered to Dr Eve Feinberg - the official race MVP. Dr Feinberg was a huge supporter and in addition to serving as a leader in the planning, raised the 3rd highest amount of money, ran the race at a competitive time and lead Savannah's Playground!

    We also offer our most sincere gratitude to Lisa Rushton and Charley Pereira- the family who introduced Cade Foundation to Dr Feinberg. Lisa and Charley are the parents of Savannah Caroline Pereira, after whom Savannah's Playground is named. She will always be missed but her legacy with the Cade Foundation will bless generations through Cade Foundation Family Building Grants given in her name, The Savannah Grant. 

    Everyone did a marvelous job but we would be remiss if we did not highlight the compassion and herculean efforts of the FCI Marketing team including Penny Baxter and Beth Dziedzic as well as Michelle Josephson, and Marcia Hilse. If anyone was omitted please forgive us. All of you contributed in meaningful and important ways.  

    Check out the Race results with this following link:

    Overall the event raised over $75,000 (gross) in cash for the Cade Foundation!  Thanks to you all for a job well done!

    The top individual fundraiser from FCI was Yuri Wagner and she is the winner of the Amazon Kindle.

    Mikki Carping and Nicole McCullough are part of the Red Hot River Rats and the entire team will win a lunch party hosted by Cade Foundation at their office.

    Did you participate in the Race? See if you can find your picture in the links below!

    Race for the Family 2012 Photos

    Cade Foundation Illinois Race for the Family & Savannah's Playground

    Happy 4th of July from Fertility Centers of Illinois!

    Last updated 5 years ago

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